Everybody has a different idea what to use pictures taken by an UAV for.

Everybody can use them.

IRadbod_1ndustry – for inspection or documentation of the plant conditions. Or to document the growth of the company, to use attractive sights in the company’s corporate video, to explain visitors the function of a plant by this pictures…

Real estate – increase the desirability of your offers by attractive pictures or a sightseeing flight…


PV-FLUGPhotovoltaics – the use of an infrared camera helps a fast detection of malfunctions. Now you know why the performance of your system is less then expected.

Thermography – even difficult to access areas can be documented easily.

Maisernte_1Promotion – take pictures by UAV which pull the attention of your target audience.

SpiegelzeltRecreational facilities – golf courses,Camping grounds, leisure parks, hotels and much more. Present an overview of your facilities.